To each their own equation

Discover your financial equation! Are you more the basics, fun or dream type? What's more important to you? Depending on the stage of your life or future ambitions, your priorities could change. Let us help you find your equation to balance your finances and become financially independent Learn more

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Member Services Agent N-2

L'employeur La Caisse Desjardins de l’Ouest-de-l’ île dessert un marché urbain qui se distingue par son multiculturalisme et son potentiel de développement. L'établissement d'une relation d'affaires durable et efficace auprès de ses 26 335  membres est au cœur de cette nouvelle Caisse d’une fusion des caisses des Sources-Lac-Saint-Louis et de la Caisse de Ste-Geneviève [...]

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Mini homes: a solution for first-time buyers?

The mini-home trend originated in the U.S. in response to "monster homes," and it's now come to Quebec. With their mini payments, mini taxes and mini maintenance costs, mini homes have big appeal with young people. But what are they, exactly?  The concept is very appealing. On the other hand, living in tight quarters can [...]

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Choosing the right credit card: Five questions to ask yourself

A credit card can be a valuable ally when used wisely. To choose the card that best suits your lifestyle (and not your credit aspirations!), it's important to have a good grasp on your consumer habits. Here are five questions to ask yourself when choosing the right credit card for you. What type of credit [...]

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3 solutions for dealing with financial stress

Miriam suffers from financial anxiety. Every month she worries, feeling like she's losing control of her finances. Is she alone in these concerns? Far from it--money is the biggest source of stress for Canadians. Enough's enough! Miriam wants to take the proverbial bull by the horns, but she's not sure how to go about it. [...]

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Your Money-saving Secrets: The “best” best-practices

Saving is easier said than done. Luckily, many of you shared your secrets for building up your savings in the real world from day to day. Here's a list of the 5 most common tips for successful savings Hang on to your change Make it automatic Don't waste money Get the most out of rewards [...]

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Guide to buying the perfect vehicle

Buying a vehicle can be overwhelming. There are so many choices out there, along with tons of information and promotions, and forums filled with tips and advice. And let's not forget our own preferences and favourites and last, but not least....our budget! Budget New or used Practical vs. Stylish Hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric Pay [...]

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