In the recently published 2016 edition of the 100 Most valuable Canadian brands,  British consulting firm Brand Finance ranks Desjardins 13th in the country, up from 22nd last year. This advance is due to a 21% increase in the brand’s value – US$2,804 million, up from US$2,325 million in 2015. The 2016 ranking confirms that the Desjardins brand is well-known and Desjardins Group is financially sound.

The first time that Desjardins made the list was in 2013, ranking 25th with a brand value of US$1,502 million. Seven Quebec-owned trademarks posted a higher value than Desjardins back then: Bell, Bombardier, CN, National Bank of Canada, Saputo, CGI and Quebecor. In 2016, only two Quebec brands are ahead of Desjardins: CN is in 12th and Bell is in 3rd place.

Brand Nation 2016 , Desjardins West Island